school groups

If you are a teacher looking to run a climbing/abseiling camp, Arapiles is a superb venue. With good camping, stable weather, short approaches, and many classic easy to moderate climbs, Mt Arapiles is ideally suited for school groups.

You probably don’t need me to tell you that rock climbing is a great medium for students to develop and explore their relationship to the natural world. Self- reliance, self- trust, confidence and working with others are all qualities that naturally evolve through the activity that is climbing.

We will work with you to design a programme that is progressive and interesting. We understand you have a budget so we can discuss options so you get the best value for your buck. The Climbing Company works within ACIA guidelines so students get plenty of individual attention as well as maximising safety.

If you have an outdoor education group we can provide a visual/talk presentation that addresses relevant course material. We can also organize the opportunity for groups to do some community service. This can include tree planting and watering, weeding or track work. For extended camps we can provide guided walks or rock journeys which can give a fun alternative to climbing.

The Climbing Company has many years of experience with school groups and a long list of schools that return year after year. You will find our rates very competitive.